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Brick & Mortar Beauty Company aims to help each client live with self-confidence and practice self care. In order to reach this goal, offered is a variety of services to provide personalized beauty plans and the positive support you need to live your best life. Take a look at some of the services we provide, and please get in touch if you have any questions.


Lash Extensions are a luxury service that is customized to each client.  After a consultation I am able to offer specific shape, eye mapping and lash design to enhance the client's own natural beauty.  Depending on the client's natural lashes and requests I am able to give them a variety of looks from beautiful natural looking extensions all the way to bold eye catching volume lashes.  Currently I offer 3 different types of lash extensions.  Classic extensions are where one lash extension is applied to one natural lash.  Volume extensions require an advanced technique where ultra light weight extensions are handcrafted by me into fans and placed on one natural lash.  Hybrid extensions are a mix of both classic and volume lashes.

To maintain lash extensions fills are recommend every 2-3 weeks.

If you are booking lash extensions please come to your appointment with no eye makeup on and squeaky clean lashes.  Oil based products are not recommended to be used with lash extensions.


Volume full set- $250

Volume fill-$90

Hybrid full set-$225

Hybrid fill-$80

Classic full set-$200

Classic fill-$70

Lashes for days 🦋__#hybridlashes#lashes


Lash lifts are a lash curling system that has taken the beauty world by storm.  Lash lifts are a low maintenance service that can last 6-8 weeks.  

This service is great for clients that:

-don't want the maintenance or cost of extensions

-want to enhance their own natural lashes but aren't ready for extensions

-have sensitivities to lash extensions


Lash lift and tint-$90

Lash lift-$70

Lash tint-$20



Sugaring is an ancient technique using a sugar paste to remove unwanted body hair. The sugar paste does not adhere to live skin cells and removes hair in the direction it grows leading to healthier skin and better results than traditional waxing. Sugaring can be done on a variety of body areas such as brows, lip, whole face, armpits, backs, bikini areas and legs.





Full face-$35


Back of neck-starting at $25


Basic Bikini-$25

Extended Bikini-$40


1/2 leg-$35

Whole leg-$55

1/2 arm-$30

Men's full back-$60

✨Do you know what sugaring is_ Sugaring


I offer a wide variety of nail enhancements.  Choose bold color or classic French, simple and timeless or fun and stylish.


New nail set-$75

Basic nail fill-$55

French fill-$60

Gel overlay-$40

UV cured polish (shellac)-$30

Nail art or jewels-Variable price starting at $5

Nail repair-Variable price starting at $5 

Gel toes-$40

❄️Festive nails for this snowy morning❄️


Whether it is a hot vacation, sandal season or just that extra touch to give you a little pep in your step.  A pedicure is a great service to treat yourself.  Pedicures include a foot bath, exfoliation, nail trimming and shaping, massage, uv cured polish (shellac).


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