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Carmen Koehl


A little background on Carmen, RN, BScN.

She has been nursing full-time in the Battlefords since 2014 and received her initial medical aesthetics training through the Canadian Laser and Medical Aesthetics Training Centre in 2019. She strives to continually expand her nursing knowledge and enhance her aesthetic skillset through advanced training workshops and is in her third and final year of her masters of nursing to attain her nurse practitioner certification through the University of Saskatchewan.

Carmen’s focus is to create subtle facial enhancements and skin rejuvenation using cosmetic injectables in alignment with each client's individualized expectations. Her moto is "the best injectable is undetectable".

Founded in 2019, Carmen's medical aesthetics business is more than just a place for treatments-it is a sanctuary for transformation. Through her services, she not only enhances outer beauty but also nurtures inner confidence with her goal of aligning with, uplifting, and empowering her clients to be the best version of themselves inside and out. Carmen's dedication to her clients' well-being is evident in every aspect of her business, making her a trusted partner in their journey to self-improvement and empowerment.

Carmen Koehl

(306) 882-3011

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